So Sir Megabyte scored us some center ice tickets in the first tier of seats last night at Nationwide Arena! And now we know the true meaning of Canuck! A person who travels almost 3000 miles to be stomped at Nationwide Arena! WOOOHOOO Bluejackets!

The Bluejackets won 3-2 over the Vancouver Canucks. Vancouver played an excellent game. Their offense was awesome, to say the least. The team has skills, talent, and they can fight! (Always good to be able to fight in hockey!) The game looked pretty dicey for the bluejackets for a while but they managed to pull ahead. Makes me proud that they could win against such a great team like Vancouver.

Just wanted to make a sidenote that I’m not sure I’d ever heard the Canadian Anthem before and gosh, it’s really pretty! I enjoyed it. As Vancouver was the visiter, the Canadian anthem was sang first. I’m jealous of them for having such a nice anthem! (As anyone who knows me knows… I have issues with our anthem being hard to sing AND not about our country but about our flag. Hello, America the Beautiful??? My Country Tis of Thee??? So many good songs that would be better.)

So anyway, had a total blast at the game with the kids. Joram was just yelling “GO BLUEJACKETS” all night long! And Caramon cheered “GO TEAM” and “Move that puck!” and “DEFENSE” as often as he could. And boy did Caramon go to town when they were all like “OK fans, let’s make some NOISE!” HAHA

We are very sad that Tyler Wright was injured. Apparently he sprained an elbow right at the start of the game and did not get to return. Caramon has already said at least three prayers for his special buddy, Tyler. He hopes that Tyler will be better soon.

We received posters of Rick Nash when we got to the game. Cool. Maybe I’ll hang them by the boys’ beds. I wonder if I can trust them with posters again yet? Last time they demolished their walls/posters.

Caramon was trying to remember all his BlueJacket stuff he’s gotten. He’s such a hockey fan! 🙂 And he’s a loyal BLUEJACKET FAN!

Oh yeah, love the new jerseys! WOOOHOOO

And it looks like we are getting an Arena Football Team this spring.