There was one final meeting for the school pack before it starts up tonight. They decided for Tiger’s to meet on Tuesday so we signed Caramon up. He’s very much excited! He wants to be in scouts so bad. So we got his book and he has a tiny orange tiger shirt and he starts up in two weeks! He’s very excited. Ok, excited doesn’t even begin to cover it. HAHA I hope he enjoys it! He wants Daddy to help him out some with it. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully we can do a switch off thing, Daddy one week Mommy one week and so on. 🙂

I need to start looking through the book to see if there is anything we can pass off for Caramon for doing soccer and some of his other stuff. Hmmmm….

Now Joram can’t wait to start scouts! He’s so cute. But if we put him in he’s going to have to go to the school pack almost the whole time he’s in cubs because he’s a year ahead of the church. Since he started school at five he’ll be six all next school year. That means all second grade he’ll be seven for wolves. He’ll finish up wolves by the time he’s 8 which is when the church starts wolves! Yipes! Well, maybe if that is what we decide to do we’ll just keep both boys in the school pack. I guess we’ll see. We have a while to figure that out still. 🙂