So we woke up this morning and had the beginning of a busy day! First we had to munch breakfast and head out to Caramon’s soccer game on the other side of town. Well the game was EXCELLENT. He is the “orange buckeyes” and they were playing the “blue buckeyes”. (OK is anyone else sick to death of buckeyes??? Ok Ohio people don’t shoot me! EEEEK) Well guess what? His team made their first goal! And they also won! It started with the ball heading for our side but Caramon, on defense, kicked it back over and it passed through all the players on his team and suddenly.. BOOM it was in the net! All the parents of the oranges were just jumping up and screaming, me inclueded! Major high fives and cheering and the kids were so excited! Then later Caramon was on offense and he kicked and it just BARELY missed the goal! He ALMOST had it in. I mean talk about grazing! But the team won, first win of the season! YAY! (good thing, last game is next week!)

So then we went off to Walmart to look for costumes and pick up some groceries. Well we couldn’t find the costumes the boys wanted. Joram wants to be a policeman and Caramon wants to be something ‘Spooooooooky’. Whatever THAT frelling means! HA! Well they didn’t have anything, but we did pick up a couple of Caramon’s birthday presents. Talk about hard work hiding them from him! HEHE. We also bought way too many groceries but no one had better complain about there not being any food! So THERE! (Now we know why not to go shopping when hungry!)

So then we had lunch and came home and the kids played a bit. Then it was off to this activity we had heard about at the library. It was a fall party and it turned out the party was at the church that our friend, Jillane, attends! So we go and there’s a jumping castle (yay for the kids) and art and crafts and food and hay rides! So Joram paints this painting… almost entirely with his left hand! ( I will get a picture for you guys!) Everything but one blue flower was done with his left hand! He even painted his name across the top, with his left hand! And we think it is really good considering he is 5 and he used his left hand! Caramon also made a painting and it is coooooool. Then Joram and Caramon painted minigourds to put on our front porch. They wrapped up the arts and crafts by making a bracelet (Caramon) and a necklace (Joram) out of beads. Then we went and ate hotdogs, bbq sandwiches, soda, apple cider, popcorn, caramel apples… yummy! Then we hopped onto the wagon for a hay ride and it was getting really dark! Well there was this group of people that kept trying to scare us! Including a tiger! EEEEEK! We wrapped up by roasting marshmallows at the bonfire and then we headed home. The really great thing was we bumped into Jillane and she told us she found a policeman costume at Kroeger! WOOHOOO.

So we head home which was two seconds away, dropped off Sir Megabyte, and then the boys and I went to Kroeger. Well they didnt’ have anything for Caramon but they did have the policeman outfit. Well we went to the halloween store next door to the Kroeger to see what they had. They did have one $30 bobby costume, but it was gonna be way too big on Joram. He didn’t even want to try it on. 😦 But Caramon found a grim reaper costume so we got that for him. $25 bucks. Sheesh! I tried to talk Joram into trying on the bobby costume, but he said no he would take the one at Kroeger. The one at the halloween store looked much nicer IMHO but at the same time not sorry to save the 30 bucks! So we headed back to Kroeger and paid the 7 bucks for Joram’s policeman costume. So that’s taken care of! YAY!

Then home and crash! Whew… what a busy busy busy busy busy busy day!