We woke up this morning and got ready for Church. We had bought the boys new slacks and shirts yesterday while at Walmart. They looked just entirely too handsome. How on earth do they dare being so grown up and cute? Even with the dire need of a haircut?

Then it was Church time and the primary presentation in Sacrament. Joram had to talk about the ordination of the Priesthood and he did a VERY good job. And Caramon had to talk about standing as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places. He did a good job as well but he was a little nervous he said. They both sang and were totally cute on the stand and Sir Megabyte and I couldn’t stop admiring their cuteness! Ok, no we are not biased! They are the cutest of the cute! 🙂

After Sacrament the primary had a slide show of the “year in primary”. So we went and watched. There was a great picture, I mean a really great picture of the boys at the Primary 125 year birthday picnic a while back. We laughed at the picture of the classes because Caramon is like five inches shorter than everyone in his class! Poor little Caramon! There were other pictures but those really stood out. We also got excited to see some of our primary “friends” like Joram’s ‘girlfriend’ Sami (who had some very nice pictures… that girl is majorly photogenic) and some other kids.

Sir Megabyte finally got to join the choir. He’s very excited because he loves to sing. Kind of funny though, the new Elders Quorum president (aka Sami’s daddy and a friend of ours) said he was wondering who was behind him in Priesthood belting out the hymn and turned around, saw Sir Megabyte and was like “That guy BETTER join the choir!” ROFL. I was like “Uh oh… the choir mafia is out to get you! ROFL” While Sir Megabyte did that I got lost in the heinous scout closet mess. But on the bright note? I not only found out there is carpet in there but I found some scarves and hats and PATCHES and stuff. Stuff that we need that I was gonna go buy! Woohoo, saved some dough! 🙂

We came home and had a family clean to straiten the house up. It was a disaster, especially since there was no school on Friday! But we got it taken care of. The boys and I watched some I Dream of Jeannie on the DVR and then we got Daddy and the four of us all sat down and played a new card game we had picked up at Walmart yesterday. (We are a sucker for those games. We have almost all of them!) This one is called Swap and is way fun. And the boys can play! You have to swap hands, change colours, slap, and all sorts of stuff. It was so funny and confusing and great. We had a good time.

Then it was dinner time and we demanded some last minut Caramon-as-a-six-year-old snuggles as tomorrow is his birthday so we’ll never be able to get six-year-old snuggles from him again! Then the kids took their baths and went to bed. Daddy snuck them into our room for some more snuggles as a special treat.

Today was a good day. I like having days like today.