October 20th, 1996… Caramon enters the world. Anxious he was as he was not due until November 3rd. But a ball of cuteness he was so we decided to keep him forever and ever and ever. Of course, little did we know that suddenly he’d be this big ball of 7 year old hyperness! HAHAHA That’s right. My baby has now turned 7. Good golly. What a punk! Thinks he can grow up or something! I tell you what!

So here’s what happened today:

Caramon comes into my room bright and early and wakes me up! “It’s my birthday!!!” He offers me samples of the amazing brand new 7 year old hugs and kisses he’s got stocked up. Well sure, I’ll sample. I’m always willing to sample hugs and kisses! So he gave me a hug and a kiss. So he says to me “Do you like 7 year old hugs and kisses?” I said “I don’t know, I need to sample some more so I can make up my mind.” So he gives me another hug and kiss and asks me again if I like them. So I tell him the same thing and he gives me another hug and kiss. We do this several more times before he catches on and then he goes “Heeeeeey! You just want more hugs and kisses!” hehe… My son, he knows me so well! So I say “Of course” and give him a big hug and kiss and tell him that I think he gives great seven year old hugs and kisses.

So he tells me he wants a pizza sub for lunch. A little after he leaves for school, Joram and I head to Toys R Us for some last minute shopping. Well we were kinda bad. We noticed they had a big sale on Nintendo Games. We weren’t going to buy any… but who can pass this huge sale? So I got three. Bad me. They didn’t have much of a selection due to the sale. But I got: Batman Dark Tomorrow, Namco Museum (It has like 10 classic arcade games like Pac Man and Pole Position and stuff), and Super Monkey Ball 2 (which was a recommend by one of my joker friends). (Sorry Prue, they didn’t have Luigi’s Mansion like you recommended. Perhaps we can find it for Christmas or something.)

Well we were cutting it close so Joram and I popped into the Subway right there by Toys R Us. Well there’s a bit of a line. Hurry up people… get up there… they don’t take credit cards! What the heck??? No credit cards? Only one in town that doesn’t. So I had to scrape up enough cash by running BACk out to the car and stuff. So finally on the road and then of course we get stuck behind someone going 40 on the interstate and once we get off… all red lights. So we get to school ten minutes into lunch and poor Caramon was starting to get worried about his lunch! Now I told him I’d be shopping so traffic might hold me up but I’d get there ASAP…

So we have our little lunch and Caramon was just so excited. then he went to recess and I took in the birthday snacks (Sunny D and dino gummies) that Caramon had picked out. Then Joram’s teacher needed some help so I helped her out. Following that it was home and we found a birthday box on our doorstep! YAY!

Once Sir Megabyte got home we opened presents. Caramon made out like a bandit of course. Marbles, jax, cars, legos, cards, jump rope, headset radio, a spiderman clock… he was very happy!

We did go and pick up extra controllers so we can multiplayer the nintendo btw.

Caramon got to pick out dinner. Egg sandwhiches and mac and cheese. Mmmm tasty… Caramon did get phone calls from Omi, Aunt Danny, and Grandma B. We think the boys had a load of fun! Hopefully Caramon had a good 7th Birthday!

Oh and this day would not be complete if I did not mention the fact that today is my great grandma’s 102nd birthday. Yes, that is right! Caramon shares a birthday with his great great grandma!