Tonight Joram had his final day of soccer and he played a game and had a total blast. He’s so cute. He is such a soccer star! I love him and his enthusiasm! He says he wants to do more things, but with the holidays coming I just don’t know if I have the strength to put him in anything else right now! LOL But we’ll plan for him to be in more things. He really did love soccer and I’m glad he got the chance to play!

After soccer we raced down to COSI for a free night there. Boy was it packed. We had some fun though. We went through the space exhibit and wow, they have this bridge that is in this tunnel and it looks like the bridge is moving but it isn’t. I guess it is supposed to show you what it is like to not have up and down in space. Joram got really scared. Caramon froze. And I was dizzy for 15 minutes! We also checked out some other things. There was this one thing, it was to simulate windsurfing and we all tried it! Holy cow it is hard! I had a heck of a time! We had a lot of fun and I am glad we went even if the place was super packed!