I was so tired and everything from the last few days and my grreat grandma passing away and the like that I really didn’t put a lot of energy into the pack meeting. I didn’t even get to the shop to buy the awards. Ugh. Such a slacker I am. But everyone understood. I tried to make pack meeting interesting but it just wasn’t working. So finally I decided to just give the awards and send people on their way.

Funny thing though. I get there and my closet is WIDE open. Someone had thrown a carpet in there. So I threw the carpet out into the hallway. I can’t believe they not only put it in my scout closet but that they left the closet door wide open! Good grief! Well since I had cleaned up and had put the one flag that we could stand up in the church building by our pack flag, apparently the 11 year olds discovered a flag… so they swiped my American flag so I couldn’t have a proper flag ceremony! ARGH! ROFL Well we ended up grabbing one of the folding flags (which I had seen months ago but couldn’t find for that activity but discovered not one but TWO when cleaning on Sunday) and we folded it and Daniel held that one flag while my other Webelo, Curtis, held the pack flag.

I’m proud of my boys. Daniel earned his Readymen and Communicator pins for Webelos as well as his Computer and Communicator belt loops. Curtis earned his Citizenship Webelo pin and his Citizenship belt loop. Good job boys. I have no clue what we are doing next. EEEK