Book Club was tonight and OMG what a mess. First off I didn’t get my book off of reserve till last Friday. And then you’ve seen how busy I’ve been since then. Well I pretty much read the entire book today. Yipes! It was called the Diary of Mattie Spenser. I’m not sure if I’d recommend it or not. If you want a quick and slightly predictable read, go for it. I didn’t much care for Mattie at the beginning as she was a ditz but by the end she became a decent human being so I liked her a lot more. She marries this creep who drags her off in a conestoga wagon to the Colorado territories and you go through the next three years of her life. It was a very interesting format, and her writing was very formal. It was a fictional account but kind of interesting to see the way the people changed.

Well book club was at this one restaurant and I got mistaken and went to the wrong location! I can’t believe it! So I got to the right location about 20 minutes late. And then the place closed at 9 so it was brief. Oh well there weren’t any fights tonight or anything so that was good. Very happy for that as it has been kind of contentious lately. We had a good discussion, if brief.

On a side note I picked up a new piece of needlework to do tonight. A dragonfly for our downstairs bathroom. I look forward to completing it!