So my HP Deskjet 712C needs new ink. The colour went and it went fast. Now all it prints is this pinky salmon colour. Joyful tribulations. So I try to circumvent having to buy a new colour cartridge right away by making my wanted picture black and white to print onto my tshirt. Nope… about an inch in grey scale and then… salmon. GRRRR So I specifically told the printer itself “Print this black and white picture in black and white.” thinking this way it will not access that colour cartridge. About an inch of grey scale and then… salmon. GROWL. OK fine, bite me. Took the colour cartridge out. Now you HAVE to use the black ink! MWHAHAHAHA. Printer scoffs and says “Nope, I just am not going to print if both my cartridges are not in so double MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

LadyOzma wants to know cry. So off I truck to the computery store to get me some ink. Now the black may be gone as well… who knows. But I definately need colour. It is 40 bucks! No kidding? I almost died. ARGH. Don’t want to spend $40 bucks on INK! GRRR. The black and white is about $25. GRRR. ARGH.

So I’m walking out and I notice a cheap Cannon on sale for 50. Hmmm… So about then my good buddy comes cruising on over as he sees another sales assistant start talking me up. Phillip (my buddy) was like “hey! That’s my customer!!!” So we all three talked for a few minutes about pictures. Phillip showed me some more recent ones of his. (He just got married this summer, congrats to him!) He actually has one of these cannon’s I’m looking at. Cool. But he has this other printer that costs $15 more that has a sharper, crisper, clearer, better pictures. So anyway after much soul searching… I decided to get the printer. The more expensive one. Argh. Not happy. But now I can make my iron on! (Which I did! Now i just need a shirt!)