First off… I’ll get this off my chest…

HALLOWEEN ON HALLOWEEN! Halloween should be on October 31st!! Hear that Ohio??? HALLOWEEN ON HALLOWEEN.

OK, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog entry..

OK, because I live in Ohio and they are freaky… we do trick or treat a night other than Halloween. Don’t ask. It is weird, I know. So they also call it “Begger’s Night.” Don’t ask, I guess since it isn’t on Halloween it needs a special name?

So I started off by of course picking up candy for trick or treaters. (Or are they just called beggers here? I dunno) Then I went to the school to pic up kids. I had their costumes in the car. From there we were going to head to McAlister Camera to get free portraits. Well I was supposed to be meeting my friend, Elfmyst, but her son missed the bus. Since I was near his school I said that I’d go get him. Well he wasn’t there. Apparently he started walking home. So I tried to find him but couldn’t.

So I finally got to McAlister’s at 4:15. Same time I’d have gotten there had I waited for the bus. Geeze… I was hoping to get there earlier to avoid the crowds. Oh well. We still got through pretty quickly.

Then it was home to scarf food and for me to get dressed in my court dress. Elfmyst came over and we went through the neighbourhood. Lots and lots of candy.

Whew, I’m exhausted. But the kids had fun. All the reject candy is going to church for the Trunk or Treat tomorrow. And then anything left over is going in the scout closet to bribe scouts with. HEHEHE