I’m normally a good, law abiding citizen. I live in the greater DC area surrounded by cops and you-name-it-it-is-here alphabet organization peeps. This doesn’t make me want to go out getting into any confrontations with the law, if you know what I mean. I’ll probably know the people coming to get me…

However, now I’m stuck. Looks like I gotta buck the system, fight back, take down the law.

I’m taking volunteers. Anyone want to join my merry band of rebels? I’m working on building my own Ozma’s Thirteen group. Just drop me a comment, and what your specialty is. If you’ve got a place on your hit list… let me know. I figure, we’ve got it all. This is DC. What don’t we have? Need to erase your name from the IRS? How about the Hope Diamond? Getting into the Senate/Congress for something? Aliens from the Pentagon basement?

Let’s take this town by storm!

Current Victims…er Volunteers!

Comment here!!! Join us!!! You know you want to…

Let’s rewrite that song…

We fought the law
And WE won!

–Lady O