Back to the Bedroom

Janet Evanovich

In a life before Plum, Janet Evanovich wrote a series of stand alone, short, quirky romance novels.  Reading these you can see her progression towards the characters fans know and love in her bestselling Plum series.

Perhaps one of her better early books, Back to the Bedroom definitely keeps the reader entertained viewing a whirlwind relationship of two DC residents.

Fiery redheaded cellist, Kate, meets immature cartoonist Dave when something crashes through her room after falling from a helicopter.  Her home and life would never be the same.  Can the two find a way through their immediate lust to the love they could share with one another?

The emotions are hot, the hijinks are hilarious, and you can't go wrong with a gun-toting Grandma Mazur precursor, named Elsie.

The book has everything Evanovich's romances are known for: quick reading, good story, and fiesty women with men that wonder if they can ever handle the women in their lives.

Set in DC, one of Evanovich's previous haunts, this book hits a little closer to my home.  Grab a copy, a cup of cocoa, your fuzzy blanket and head Back to the Bedroom.

–Lady O

Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com