The latest "between the numbers" Plum book lives up to the usual Plum goodness.  Everything you expect to see happens in the less than 200 pages between the covers.  Like any good Plum book, what happens under the covers will tickle and delight you in ways that probably should not be mentioned.

The cast of wacky characters grows to include one wanna-be leprochan with no luck and a telapathic horse as Grandma Mazur hauls the gange from Trenton to Atlantic City and back to Trenton once more. 

No Bob the Dog but the telaphic race horse totally makes up for it.  Check out how Stephanie loses her latest car, find out what happens when Lula tries to become a supermodel, and see what happens when Connie and Lula play sharpshooter on the rooftop across from the multiplex. 

Don't ask what happens with the rocket launcher.


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