Today was the last day of soccer for Caramon. His team lost royally, poor kid. And Caramon got hit in the eye with the ball. And then he got tripped and went flying later in the game. Poor kid. But at the end he got a certificate and a trophy. Yay! Our pictures from it still aren’t in. Of course I can print off mine if I want… soooo.

This afternoon I went to the craft stores. They were doing demos of their upcoming classes. I want to take the Wilton cake decorating one. And there was a cool watercolour one that I think Sir Megabyte would like to take. We can’t do the one at the store we were at, but she teaches at another one that is also close to us so I’m gonna go see when that one is. I hope my hubby can take it. The lady said we should take it together. Hmmmm…. It is just one day. But it looks neat.