The fall lunar eclipse is on Saturday. If you want to track when it will be for you… try this website…

The last eclipse was hard for me to see due to clouds. Right now all is supposed to be well. *CROSSES FINGERS* Now I have a great telescope so hopefully the eclipse will be even cooler!! 🙂 I’m very excited. On Wed I’m going to a class at the store about moon viewing and photogrpahing. Hopefully I’ll learn some nifty new tips!! Just in time for the eclipse! I’m so anxious! I can’t wait for Wed!

Here’s the stats on when it is here… all times Eastern:
Moonrise 2003 Nov 08 5:17 PM
Moon enters umbra 2003 Nov 08 6:32.4
Moon enters totality 2003 Nov 08 8:06.3
Middle of eclipse 2003 Nov 08 8:18.5
Moon leaves totality 2003 Nov 08 8:30.7
Moon leaves umbra 2003 Nov 08 10:04.5
Moon leaves penumbra 2003 Nov 08 11:21.9 PM
Moonset 2003 Nov 09 07:41

I’m having an eclipse party. Feel free to come over. Check out the telescope. Watch the eclipse. Party at my house unless I can get someplace in the country to free up. I provide the telescope and the party space… you guys provide the food and drinks! 🙂 HEHE

Yes, I will post about it.
Yes, I will try to take pictures.
Yes, I will post pictures ASAP.
Yes, you may come to my party… just bring something good to eat and drink! 🙂 Hey, we could fire up the grill!

Wish I had those filters… hehe…

Maybe after the eclipse, or the main part of the eclipse we can check out some other stuff. Speaking of which I might take it out tonight and try to do some viewings… Not sure what… I’d like to see some neat stuff though! 🙂