Whew, Election Day and I volunteered to make phone calls and so I was busy doing that. And then of course I went and voted. YES FOR THE LEVY!!! Then home to make more phone calls. Wrapped up the day with going to PTO where we RACED through the meeting. That was the shorterst freaking meeting ever! Then a few of us raced to the one high school where they were tabulating votes and sat waiting…waiting…waiting… to see how the levy turned out. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOB SOB SOB.

But I got vidication vicariously. I’ll flub this up but I’m gonna try to relay it as well as I can. I’m also putting it behind a cut because of profanity.

So apparently Amy was working the school bake sale at our elementary school. And this little old man comes out and is all like “So how much is this food?” So Amy told him it was just for donations and would support the PTO. Well then he starts telling her this story about running into Terry Wike. Apparently he got so worked up that a polling person came out to make sure everything was OK.

(Terry Wike was the head of the no voters and spread a lot of slander and filth. And used his very deep pockets to put out more information than we could.)

Apparently this little old man, no name so let’s just call him Bob to be shorter… hehe…

Bob’s in this grocery store outside of town. Well now there’s only one reason someone from Westerville would go to this grocery store. Westerville is a dry town. Soooo, hope that six pack was worth it Terry. Well Bob notices Terry Wike in front of him and says “Hey you are that Terry Wike son of a bitch!” (At which point Amy asks him how he knew it was Terry WIke since she’s no idea what he looks like. Bob says “You back your bare ass up to a mirror and that’s what he looks like!”) So anyway Bob says “I got something to tell you you son of a bitch! My kids and grandkids are Westerville kids and you need to mind your own business you son of a bitch.” Well you can see how this is going. Tooooo funny. On and on and on. It was so funny. And Amy’s telling of it? Superb! The whole PTO was cracking up! So there Terry Wike! Hope that you enjoyed that beer! Now shut up and go away! HEHE Cause guess what… I bet I’m five times louder than ya so you can eat my shorts!