OK, so I have discovered that sending out paypal bills is really easy. I had five people at Jokers Updates ask me to do this today! Three have already paid and said it was super easy!! Yay! Thanks guys! And not only that but they really helped out. They know who they are and they rock. I need to send them information on a thank you graphic they can use. 🙂 I created one just for JokersUpdates.com because there is a rule as to how big the signature graphic can be. Maybe I can get Jokers to post signatures and it would be really cool to see a whole slew of those signatures showing up! HEHE I like to see people showing power. It is neat!

I also followed up with one person who had promised to pledge me earlier. She gave me some money as well, but I felt so bad. She hurt her back really badly so many prayers going out to her. I’m super busy but I need to remember to go check up on her and see if she needs any help over the next few months while she recovers!!

OK, so now for the update… BIG NEWS! Guys, not only did I break the $100 mark, I’ve reached 150!! WOOHOOO! Cheers to everyone who has contributed! I’m so excited! Everyone deserves a big pat on the back. First 150 down… let’s see how far we can take this!! Plus three of my sponsers today were exceedingly generous! You are the best!!

All right…

Bail Set At: $2100
Bail Envelope Has: $95
PayPal has: $62.50
Bail Total: $157.50
Bail Still Needed: $1,942.50
Number of donations today: 4 out of hopeful 19.

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!

Please feel free to take my banner at the begining of this post and use it and link to my journal if you want to help out. Anything that will help is appreciated. Even if it is just kind thoughts and you reading this. 🙂 Cheerleaders are just as helpful as anyone!