I was grumpy waking up today. My husband and I have had some altercations and I’m just so frustrated. I feel like I work super hard around the house and he nor the boys care. Plus I feel like I’m doing three jobs in scouts at church adn getting no respect or appreciation. Same goes for a lot of other areas of my life. I’d just like some appreciation. And respect. Not people undoing all my work.

So I never made it to church today. Pobably could have used Church more today then ever but I just couldn’t get the energy to go, especially with as upset as I was.

I did however manage to finally get up and I put that frustration and the like to good work. I cleaned everything in my house. I’m down to only needing to do dishes and the bathroom. Now… if only my house would stay like this!

Swept the floor, vacuumed the floor, wiped down counters and table, swept the basement and put stuff away down there, and did a load of laundry, cleaned my computer desk, made lots of MDA phone calls, talked to family and did some catching up, and erm… I’m sure I’m forgetting something… but anyway. You get the picture. And of course since the kids were disruptive… I had to do some things twice. Of course.

Of course, today I also went ahead and finalized the whole going paid for LJ. It has been in the process for a while. Finally decided to do it and get it finalized before I backed out. I’m such a weenie. ROFL.

Plus of course I came up with my great plan challange for the MDA thing. Can a simple blog from one gal raise $1820 in less than 80 hours? I guess time will tell. Though so far there’s been nothing. *SIGH* We’ll se if people participate. I think it would be interesting to say the least!! We are down to under 80 hours… what do you think will happen?

Tonight I participated in a chat for the WeVOTE group. Looks like I need to set up forums for them now. I’m not sure what I want/need to look for. Other than to just get free hosting as well as forums. If anyone has some suggestions, I’d like them. Their site is hosted on Tripod and so I dont’ think they have the webspace or the ability to host their own forums. We’d like different forums on the bulletin board page as well as the option for private forums and public forums. And of course I’d prefer to be able to choose flat mode as I hate threaded but I know a lot of users just love threaded. Right now the main looks to be EZBoards. But I hear their ads are annoying. Soooooo…. I understand we are going to have to have ads in order to go free, but I’d like something that isn’t heinous!!

On a final note yesterday and today I joined two new groups. One for astronomy buffs since I’m realy getting back into that. And one for LDS Moms. Hopefully they will be a wonderful and supportive group. 🙂 I really feel the need to draw closer to my sisters in the Gospel. I’m thinking about joining a community for people with gamecubes. Haven’t fully decided yet on that front though.

It is late, I’m tired, I think I am going to go to bed. Hopefully today will be much better, hopefully I can get some things accomplished, and hopefully some money will arrive in Paypal!!