Final one tonight. I now have my “I graduated the Wilton Class 2” certificate. Yay! I think my cake turned out OK. I think it could have been better. You can tell me what you think.

I’m so frustrated. Between the icing fiascos and being so busy and everything else I’m surprised it turned out as nice as it did. To top things off? I actually dropped my bin holding all my royal icing flowers and my colourflow butterfly’s. I mean dropped the bin. Dropped it from standing up. Mega mess. So a lot of my flowers broke up and are bleh. And bye bye colourflow… that just didn’t work out at all. So no butterflys. No flower pot. I’d like to try something with that again sometime… hehe

Well here’s a picture of my final cake… tell me what you think! 🙂 By the way it is Red Velvet…

I did basketweaving for the bottom half the top and a rope border. And you can see I was starting to run out of that rope border icing and got a little sloppy. The basket, border, and main frosting are buttercream. The flowers are hard royal icing. (Very sweet!)