All right…

This is turning out long so I’m LJ Cutting it.

10:37 AM
I currently have available: 35 hours 25 minutes.
Delete Dharma and Greg (30 minutes)
Now I have available: 35 hours 58 minutes.

Hmmm… That’s pretty much only a half hour. Three extra minutes is all.

Will watch when I delete the next thing and will edit this entry. with the update.

Also: searched google groups for possible hacks. Only thing I could find were people explaining what it is and why they love it. And some people arguing over which is better, Dish Network DVR or the DirectTV TiVo.

On a side note I apparently got some evil adware on my computer. Spybot keeps destroying. Then a new one gets put on. Spybot destroys that. new one gets put on. Currently Spybot says no spybots but I just got three popups in a row. Hmmmm… GRRRR

2:40 PM
I currently have available: 35 hours 58 minutes
Delete 7th Heaven (1 hr)
Now i have available: 37 hours on the dot.

Hmmm I am no longer saving all that time like yesterday. Very odd. Is it because this is so close to the end of the list of what I’ve recorded? Is it because I am not recording right now? Very interesting.

Well I’m going to watch Stargate now. 🙂 We’ll see what happens with that. Very interesting. Will update then.

BTW On earlier side note… finally got computer free of adware! YAY

New side note… soup at hand by campbells is very very hot…

4:07 PM

All righty…

Judging Amy started recording 7 minutes ago.
Was at 37 hours free.
Now have 36 hours 49 minutes. (TV time says: 4:08) So we see already 11 minutes used for 8 minutes of show… hemmm
OK deleting Stargate
Now have: 38 hours 6 minutes. So that was a gain of… an hour 17 minutes, right?

So apparently if it is recording, then it kind of knocks some extra time…

If I add everything up it says I am using: 17 and a half hours plus the 11 minutes of JA that has recorded… Anyway… 17.5 hours plus 38 hours= 55.5 hours. Off a 60 hour PVR.

Yes… I’m dreadfully bored… ignore my DVR ramblings if you like… hehe How on earth did I get this lifeless?

Oh yeah… trying to distract myself from my failing attempts to raise 2100 bucks! HEHE