So Caramon is a runner. Ok… he loves to run. All the time. As a baby he took forever to walk. Then he let go one day and walked. The next day… he ran. Didn’t stop running until he got sick. Even then, as soon as he was up to it… he was running again. He’s gonna be a track star some day.

So he’s running in the house today. I tell him to stop. He doesn’t. I’m like yelling at him STOP RUNNING BEFORE YOU GET HURT!!

He likes to run and jump and try to long jump or something. Well today I had told him a couple times to stop. Well sure enough… WHAM hits the wall SPLAT. Stands up and goes “AUGHHHHH!” But didn’t really freak out till a second later when he takes his hand away from his head.

Big massive gaping gushing head wound. He starts panicking and then Joram was panicking and Caramon said “I broke my head open!” and other such stuff.

So massively panicking mom calls Elfmyst who comes over scoops up Joram and after quick conferring with medical neighbours off we head to the ER, Sir Megabyte heading to meet us as well from work.

By the time we get to the hospital he’s mostly been cleaned up and has ice and towel on head and he’s much calmer. CT scan, doc check up, and wait wait wait. Finally deemed his head is AOK and no concussion or whatnot. His gash is pretty much right above his temple just barely in the hair line. So they are debating… stitches or staples? They finally decide on the staples.

So six staples and a tiny trimming of hair later and they are wrapping a bandage around his whole head. He’s all like “oooh can I see?”

He was a trooper though. He got a lollipop from CT and even made with the flirting with the lady tech. Heaven forbid he not have a CT girlfriend at every hospital! Little nut! Then he conned the doctor who stapled his head out of a popsicle. He even pratically skipped down the hall with her to get it. Tried to swipe one for “my little brother” btu she didn’t fall for that. But you should have seen him… so brave and still and not crying too bad for the staples and so he was all like “I was brave!” And the doctor said “Yes you were.” Next thing we knew? Kid scored a popsicle. Man, last time I had something like that no one gave me a popsicle! Dang kids being so cute and all! πŸ˜‰ The kid’s seven and he is a total ladies man!

so he begged for KFC for dinner so we went there. It was right by the hospital. Big sacrifice for chicken hating Sir Megabyte. Caramon is just chattering away and acting like his usual self. I think once he realized his brains weren’t gonna FLY out of his head… he was fine.

So at the hospital Sir Megabyte says “You trying to be like Harry Potter with a scar on your head?” Caramon was like “OOOH ! YEAH!!” Sir Megabyte said “No more attempts or no more Harry Potter!” HAHA

So anyway… things much better now. Of course my house is TRASHED and I guess it will be tomorrow when I’m arrested. I have MOPS in the morning and will barely have time to come home and get Joram off to school before I’m arrested. Oh well. Such is life I suppose.

Speaking of which.. it is almost time for my final update before morning. I’m so bummed out about that. Maybe I’ll wake up to some miracle and have TONS of paypal payments! Ahhh.. I can dream can’t I? I can’t believe with all the bloggers out there that I would fail so miserably. 😦

Geeze… can’t wait for the morning. I get to drive the kid to school and go “Hey lookie what Caramon did!” and try to convince them I wasn’t like beating him with a baseball bat or something. My golly. *SIGH*