In 15.5 hours I’m being arrested.

Things are looking dire.

To make matters worse…

I just got home from the ER. Everyone is fine, I promise I’ll post about it…in a bit.

I’m at only 343 bucks. This is pitiful. I thought for sure I’d be doing better. It looks like my blog can’t help me raise $2100 unless there is some miracle. Want to prove me wrong? I dare ya! 🙂

It is Crunch Time! When I woke up I had two new pledges. YAY! But they need to come in. Last night I know that my friend sent off emails to a bunch of different people. Thank you for that!! Keep spreading the news! We have only 11.5 hours! Come on… what on earth can we do????

I’m really in dire straits. I have under 20 hours and I have had no new pledges this morning. 😦 Word is not spreading. Aughhhhh! I’m losing my mind! I’m going to JAAAAIL!! Help!!!! OK… Ozma… do not panic… do not panic…

I’m making a shopping list for tonight.. am I forgettin anything?
1. Stainless Steel spoon in case i need to dig my way to freedom.
2. Metal File to give to someone to slip me once I go into lock up during a visit
3. A really old, beat up, scary, ugly, not suspicious at all looking car.
4. One person to drive said car when I break out to help me get away fast.
5. Crates of cigarettes for people to bring me to trade for safety in prison.

If you are reading this blog as a referrel to this experiment feel free to comment. Even if is anon… 🙂

Time: 9:30 PM
Bail Set At: $2100
Bail Envelope Has: $196
PayPal has: $147.79
Bail Total: $343.79
Bail Still Needed: $1,756.21

Hours to go: 11.5 hours! EEEK
Needed to make per hour now: 153 bucks an hour… DOUBLE EEEEEK!!!
BTW My time frame is to get me to 8:00 AM. Obviously all funds coming in after that will help as well, but I’m not sure if I will be able to manically and obsessively watch things happen at that point as I gear up for being arrested.

OK… I’m going to keep these stats at the top so you don’t have to scroll down to check them. As I update I’ll adjust the Subject line for the proper hours but not the rest of this…

First names only to protect the innocent… hehehe You know who you are! Used Nicks when I knew/rememberd them. (I should have done this from the start)
Raven La Rue

Honour system guys…
If you would like to take a graphic for your website, blog, or signatures to say you supported here are some:

Thank you for your support!

Oh well.

I will continue the experiment at any rate!

You never know! You know what I mean? I’m gonna laugh my arse off if suddenly my paypal goes wild and I make it to the $2100 mark! HEHE

So once more: here’s how to participate…
1. Donate
2. Email your friends the address to my weblog and tell them to check out the experiment. Encourage them to email their friends.
3. Post a link and explain the grand experiment in your blog. Encourage others to do it as well.
4. Do all three of the above! 🙂
5,Remember, the experiment is for a good cause. Helps kids with Muscular Dystrophy! 🙂
6.Remember, Ozma is desperate and annoying and will try ANYTHING to raise bail to get out of jail while supporting kids with Muscular Dystrophy! Meanwhile… please… anyone? Bust me out?
7.Remember… ‘bloggers need to stick together!!
8. HUGS and THANKS!!

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!

$10 donation

$20 donation

$30 donation

$50 donation for those really big hearted spenders out there!

Thank you for your donation and please feel free to forward this to anyone to help out! The children thank you and so do I!

Feel free to use this graphic and link back!