Taken from capturedheart who took it from kittybane who got it from who knows where… 🙂

– Person that introduced you to LJ?
I heard about LJ on The Screensavers. I’d been reading Leo Laporte’s blog and Megan Morone’s blog. I even set one up with movable type on my website. But I kinda wanted a personal blog and thought that would be neat. amethyst75 hooked me up with a code this spring!

– Who have you introduced to Live Journal?
Let’s see… there’s jeckasue and dragyn_pryncess. There’s a couple of others who still haven’t signed up for LJ but are thinking about it. And then there’s several people at Jokers but I can’t remember which ones were “my” introductions. I think velvetcat was one, but she may have heard about it before me, but the others I don’t remember. I just remembered I signed up and a bunch of others signed up at the same time. (feel free to comment if I can take credit for ya and I’ll edit… I don’t mean to forget ya…((HUGS)) I just don’t want to take credit for someone who really feels it was someone else.)

– List everyone on your friends list you have met in person:
Hmmmm…. met me in person… that would be amethyst75 who has actually changed her name but I’m not putting it here. Also dragyn_pryncess, we went to HS together. loadhan and I met at Marcon. And finally my good buddy jeckasue and I finally met in person last Christmas but had been emailing and IMing for what must have been a billion years! I believe that’s it though! 🙂

– List everyone on your friends list you’ve not met BUT with whom you’ve spoken on the phone:
Actually no one. But if it counts for anything velvetcat and I exchanged some er… “gifts” earlier this year via post. (How are those Charmed videos coming? And yes… Harry Potter is still in sacred spot not getting mussed up!)

– Anyone on LJ you can’t stand?
As of yet? Nope… HEHE

– Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet:
ONE???? No way. That sucks. OK… I’m gonna choose velvetcat because I wanna have a Charmed marathon with her AND she’s in Canada and so she’s the person I’m least likely to really be able to meet!! Since I know of at least one friend who lives in Ohio… we’ll probably end up meeting some day. And well… with the way I travel… you never know… I’ll probably end up meeting a bunch of others!! So I’m going with one of the ones I’d be the least likely to meet. (Besides, maybe if I choose her, I’ll actually GET to Canada!!)

– Name LJ friends you’re probably going to meet within the next few years:
Well I’d love to meet you all cause you are all cool people!! Um… really couldn’t tell ya though. It all depends on where I go… I’m such a traveling sort. I love to travel.. it is just a pain with children. And I hate to do it around the holidays.

– Last person you added?
Actually it is someone new that I added just this morning. A sweetie from Hugs and Hope usn_2004.

– Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal?
Nope. Haven’t had to yet.

– Biggest pet peeve about LJ?
Just the slow servers at time. And the fact that sometimes pages don’t refresh when you load them. But I couldn’t tell you if that had to do with slow server or what.

This was FUN!!