In no particular order
1. Clear off DVR some
2. Fold massive quantities of laundry
3. Empty dishwasher
4. Load small amount of dishes in sink into dishwasher
5. Vaccuum living room.
6. straiten up living room and kitchen (really not that bad but will probably wait to do this until later as kids are destructive)
7. Load pictures from yesterday to my website
8. Once pictures are loaded… finish my blog entry about yesterday. I wrote most of it up and then realized pictures would be better so decided to wait to post it until I had pictures.
9. Do my website work for boss
10. Clean my bedroom
11. Clean spare bedroom
12. Hide presents from the Hugs and Hope Christmas Elf
13. Clean downstairs bathroom
14. Clean kitchen floors
15. Clean up desk in preperation of husband destroying it this weekend.
16. Snuggle with Joram
17. Snuggle with Caramon

Well that’s enough I think! I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff as I go…

Think I’ll get it all done? It really isnt’ that much but I’m still tired and feeling lazy after my massively busy day yesterday!! HEHE

OK… getting to work.

Sorry for the delay in posting about yesterday’s breakout… I just really wanted to include the pictures with it and I just don’t have time right now to load them. But I am keeping donations open, so please continue to send this out… I got a reprieve and can keep it open till at least Monday!! YAY!!!