So I’m trying to get the last of the seasonal stamps that I want from Stampin Up. Unfortunately that’s 3 sets of stamps and almost 100 bucks. So my consultant is all like “You know you have almost enough for a hostess gift, do you want to try having a book show? Well I asked the one friend who does rubber stamp if she needed anything but she doesn’t think so. She said she’d check and call me by the end of the weekend. *SIGH* Wish I had more stamping friends!! HEHE

I do know the Sister Missionaries are supposed to be coming over today to make Christmas cards. Yay! So I need to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up some card stock/envelope sets to make my cards on. I think I need about 30 or so. I always send out way more Christmas cards than I get which is depressing. But I just love Christmas cards so much. They are neat!! I always feel loved when I get a card in the mail!

I’m trying to figure out what my cards will look like. Haven’t managed to decide yet. Hmmmm.

I’m excited. I hope the Sisters call soon so I can know if they are going to be able to make it over to stamp with me!! (They had meetings this week on PDay so they are making today PDay. Probably a good move since apparently it is the big Ohio-Michigan game so no one will want to be interrupted… if they are even home!)

Ok time to prepare!! And wake up still!