The slackers in town are gonna be inside all day gearing up for the game. And with any luck OSU will lose and so they will all be home tomorrow depressed, drunk, and licking wounds. But for today at least I will have FREE RUN OF THE TOWN!!! WOOHOOO Maybe tomorrow too! Wouldn’t that be swell?

I’m bad I know… Wish I had a Michigan flag to wave to tick people off. People are so easy to annoy here. Just tell them you don’t care about OSU. They claim the OSU-Michigan is the biggest rivalry in the 10…whatever that means. Whatever, I’d never even heard of either college till moving here. Glad they have their pride and all that but they take it to extremes in some cases. And of course, since I’m a punk butt… I just like to toy with them… I know… I’m a bad bad girl. Someone spank me and send me to my room?

OK, getting ready to run town and be wild and yell “GO MICHIGAN” to make people rant and foam at the mouth! HEHEHE Just why does OSU hate Michigan so bad???