So today I had tons to do apparently.

First I tried to straiten up a little bit since the Sisters were coming over. And we were going to rubber stamp. Needed clean table. Then I went to Hobby Lobby. Mistake!! Their rubber stamps and ink pads were on sale for half price!! WOWSERS. So I picked up a couple of Christmas sayings and a couple of really cute small stamps to kind of up my stamps that the Sisters could use for the holiday… I did buy my cardstock/envelopes sets. 4 packs of 8 so that’s 32 cards with envelopes. I hope that’s all I need, but since I’m not sure who’s on my list this year I have no idea. But it will give me a good start. I also went ahead and got chalks in case the girls wanted to chalk.

Since I was with Misty and she needed to go to Wal-Mart for film we hurried over there. She picked up her three rolls of film and then we bought pretzels. Then as we were walking to the van my phone rang. Yay! Sisters! “Hello?” “Hey it’s us the Sisters!” “Great!” Click. WTF??? Aughhhh my cell phone battery died. It was FULL last night. What the freak is up with that. Sometimes when it is full it lasts for three days. Sometimes it lasts like 8 hours. No rhyme or reason!!

So we raced home, plugged in my phone, turned it on, yup… message! They are coming in an hour? Great! So I finished doing what I could to clean the house up and prepare the table for stamping. Then they showed up and they brought the Elders who needed to do laundry. So it was Sir Megabyte, me, and four missionaries all afternoon! HEHE We just all kicked back and relaxed. It was PDay for the missionaries today because they had to move it due to meetings. Probably for the best… OSU Michigan game and all.

So anyway they Sisters did great stuff. I now have about 12 cards done with four more almost done. Yay! Good start. They all look the same. So the next 16 I’m going to do something else. I’d have finished up but we had some drama. Frelling dudes cruising the bike path at 40 MPH on tiny dirt bikes. Had to go to neighbour to find out if he called the cops and what the number to the cops was. GRRR. Cops called. This one guy is like 30 looking and really heavy and on this MIDGIT dirt bike! Seriously, it looked like the same size as Caramon’s!! At one point one of the guys totally wiped out and it was rather funny. Serves ya right!!

So my card style has some large snowflakes on it. And then I stamped BELEIVE in cursive and put it kitty-corner in the top left corner. And I chalked the edge of where it says Believe. Inside it has a star and a nice saying about remembering the reason for the Christmas and all that. I rather like it. Not sure what I’m going to do next.

I had a lot of fun. Stamping is fun!