Four day weekend coming up. So I figure I’ll cruise into the Blockbuster and pick up a plethora of movies. But I’m not sure what I want. We haven’t rented movies in ages… HEHE

So I figured… I’ll post it in my blog and see if I can get some people making recommends.

My rules for movies:
1. No porn
2. No gratitious sex, violence, language (OK Terminator is violent but OK… I just don’t want 98 minutes of hack and slash.. ok??? Or blood and gore for 98 minutes… get the picture? Action=OK massive death and grossness=Not OK)
3. Kid movies welcome and appreciated as I’ll have kidlets too
4. Movies that will be good for hubby a plus but I don’t mind one or two for ME.

Basically? I’m a big movie buff. I really really like movies. And unless it is extreme I’m probably going to enjoy it. I don’t go by ratings because the rating system is a load of BUNK. I’ve seen R rated movies that are fine and I’ve seen PG 13 movies that are offensive!! I really am not into really really gratuitously stupid humor either. So Dumb and Dumberer.. don’t’ bother. But I love sci fi, thriller, comedy, romantic comedy, drama, fantasy, action…