I was playing with Photoshop today. Fun fun. I’m really getting the hang of this program. By playing with it like this, I get more experience which helps me when my friend sends me HTML work.

So please, if you want something, let me know. 🙂 I’ll be glad to play around for ya!! I need the experience!

So anyway… I’m putting all of the ones I made today up. I hope my friends don’t mind!

I put behind a LJ cut so that it won’t take up as much space on friends lists. Also because some where made for a friend of mine and I don’t want them to be as obvious! OK… so I didn’t really “hide” them… but still. HEHE

It all started off yesterday with wanting a “I believe in Santa Clause” for our signature at JU. People were saying Santa didn’t exist! As if! We all know he’s real. Why do people spread such vicious rumours? So today I made us these two:

Then I decided I needed a new icon because that bail thing was over. Tired of being “wanted” so I made this for me:

Then mentioned to my friend that we needed to put a Santa cap on her kitty icon.

OK, First I made this for Belle (who needs a LJ) from her pirate cat at JU. Isn’t he cute? But you can’t really see the Santa hat. Too bad. Because it looks like it would be really cute.

I couldn’t help it. Even though Belle’s cat doesn’t really show the hat… I had to put in a ho ho ho… hehe Santa Pirate kitty!
Well I couldn’t leave her hanging so I made her this:

Isn’t it cute???
Then I made this because I had the PM graphic laying around my house and I decided I needed a lovey type one…

Then Belle was like “Hey, let’s annoy velvetcat and Santa up her precious Snape!” Hehehe… your wish is my command. I don’t think VC is very amused. I thought it was cute though!