So today Caramon had to visit Dr Dangler to get his head checked out. Possibly get the staples out. So I had to go pick him up from school. Which for some reason took way longer then it should have. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the lack of bussing??? Had all the students been bussed except the handful who needed to be picked up for special reasons like this it wouldn’t have taken near so long. I was the fourth car in line but all these other cars kept butting in in front of the SUV in front of me. When I finally got around the SUV in front of me who was letting people cut and got up I was able to get Caramon and Joram. But of course I was in the Cavalier which is 1. a two door 2. does not have automatic windows 3. has hard to buckle seat belts. So we finally get situated and out of there but I have just enough time to get to the doctor’s before the appointment.

We met Sir Megabyte at Fazoli’s next to the beltway and did a quick switch. Caramon and I grabbed the Taurus and Joram and Daddy took the Cavalier home. They had hot cocoa and played EQ with each other. Meanwhile I went to Dr Dangler’s. Got there just in time for the appointment. But of course we still haven’t gotten our new insurance cards, joyful tribulations. So I had to call corporate headquarters to try to get some info. But my cell phone wouldn’t work in the office… no coverage. Darn those no cell pockets around town. This place is so flat, what’s up with that? So I had to stand outside in the freezing to get the info.

So then Caramon is waiting for Dr Dangler and he’s like “Is this gonna hurt?” I said “Honey I really don’t know. All I can tell you is when I had the staples out of my belly it didn’t hurt at all. Felt like the lightest pinch.” Well he was nervous so Dr Dangler messed around with him some. She even said if he was brave she’d let him take the staples home! Well that got his attention! So he was as good as possible while being scared. But by the end he was telling her when to pluck them out. He then conned her out of not one but two stickers. And he got a lollypop!

So she put his staples in a cup for him to bring home. Which he wanted to give to Mr Broviac for a friend. Goofy kid. He thinks he’s cool. ROFL Got to love kids. His head looks OK. Hopefully it will be a little scar… hope hope hope…