Keep the movies coming… I’m probably going to join netflix this month because of sucky tv… bleh… repeats!! HEHE I have a list a mile long… need to dig through it anyway!

But for now here’s how Blockbuster went down. I went with a friend who lives a street away. So I rented 4 movies and she rented 3. One of mine and two of hers were two day only rentals. But we decided we’d probably still be able to watch the movies and we could swap. That way we got twice as many movies pretty much and for half the cost. WOOHOO Can’t beat that! I had a rent one get one free coupon so I only paid for three rentals just like her.

I rented:
The RM (LDS movie so most of you probably won’t care… but I couldn’t believe BLOCKBUSTER had it!! No, they don’t have Charley, Singles Ward, or God’s Army) 2 Day rental, probably watching TONIGHT
Road to Perdition
Italian Job

She rented
Laura Croft 2 (we’ve seen it and it was a 2 day so we MOST likely won’t borrow it)
Bruce Almighty- 2 day rental
Kangaroo Jack

So anyway, we have plenty of movies to get us by for now… but we do have a whole month just about of reruns to look forward to. Blech. Plus of course the December holidays! πŸ™‚