I’m a frelling addict! HEHEHE I am!! Someone… saaaave me!!

I played more today instead of doing something useful this morning.

First I made this one of the DC LDS Temple. This is where my husband and I were married.

I had this laying around someone emailed me. It’s a really cool picture of Vegas during a lightning storm. So I made a cool icon.

When hubby was in Orlando in January this year, he took a million Orlando Temple pictures. So I made him this icon.

This is one I made from my many shots of the eclipse a few weeks back. I got the text from this cool verse my grandma always said to me. I say it to the kids. It goes:
“I see the moon.
And the moon sees me.
God bless the moon.
And God bless me.”
So Grandma… this is for you… even though you aren’t a real big computer/internet user. (HUGS)

When hubby was in Florida in January, he went to the beach. He did this in the sand… HEHE And then took a picture for me. What a sweetie!!

This flag flies over the Orlando Temple. Hubby took a bunch of pictures of the flag and the flag over the Temple. Here’s my first try…

All right, that’s all I did today. But I thought I’d post this because I never did it here. I made this a few weeks back and posted it at JU. It’s rather humourous if you ask me! HEHEHE