We are having ham today. Mmmmm… Yes we are flaunting tradition… I know… but it is what my family requested even though I think my turkey last year (first ever!) turned out really yummy! But with a family of four it is kind of dumb to make a big huge bird. We’d be eating turkey leftovers till June.

I saw Jeckasue answer some questions so I thought I would too…


Is watching the Macy’s parade one of your Thanksgiving traditions?
Heck yeah… DVRing the sucker right now. WOOHOO! I used to always call it “The Macy’s Day Parade”. Now I do it just because it brings back good memories. It is the only thing worthwhile on Thanksgiving though!! 🙂

What are some of your favorite floats that you remember from your childhood?
Erm… there are floats?? HAHA I really don’t remember… my fave part was the dancing.

Do you find the parade just as exciting as when you were a kid?
Heck yeah! It’s the macy’s day parade!!

Was your favorite part of the parade always when Santa Claus arrived at the end? Do your kids wait for the same part?
Erm.. yeah… it is the start of the official Christmas Season. I like to watch the ORIGINAL Miracle on 34th Street right after if it is on. Now that is not an issue. I found the DVD at Walmart last night. It is now sitting by TV. We’ll see if I watch it or not today. Now that I own the DVD I might not have to madly watch it in bits and pieces as they show it all month long. The ORIGINAL is the best. The one they came out with not to long ago was OK but they totally dumped the best scene in the whole movie!
Oh yeah, and Santa coming is the one thing guaranteed to make me misty-eyed. I’m not a big crier and so almost nothing makes me teary…but seeing Santa come and all the rosy cheeked kids and my kids excited… that just touches a spot… I love Santa. He’s real and he’s awesome!