I’m making this friends only so that family does not stumble upon it. Only reason

So Sir Megabyte’s sisters are trying to rope us into going to TN for Christmas. Well I told them there was no way I could guarantee due to DH’s job. I specifically told them we would know nothing until much closer to Christmas. But their brother is coming in from Alaska again this year. So they thought it would make a great Christmas gift to MIL to have us show up for the holiday too. Well I’m sorry if DH and I don’t want to drive down there again this year. It is an 8 or 9 hour drive. Plus holiday traffic. Yuck. Well we told them we’d try but we couldn’t promise anything. And we wouldn’t know anything for sure until most likely the week before Christmas. But they were trying to guilt us.

Then I found the final date for the Globetrotters in December. The Sunday after Christmas. Ugh. I really wanted to take the boys because we don’t have a basketball team here and they are interested in basketball and HELLO??? Globetrotters??? Plus the Globetrotters do something special for the scouts (It is a scout thing) and there’s a cool Globetrotter patch. And it is only like 11 or 12 bucks a ticket! Wow! So now I’m thinking “Ergh… don’t know that I want to travel even more now.”

Well we just got off the phone with FIL in NJ. Turns out the sisters called him up and said “Hey all your kids are going to be in TN for Christmas!” WTF??? Erm… no… we said we would let them know. GRRR. So FIL immediately ran out and bought plane tickets for him and his wife. And then called to say “Oh we are so excited that we will see you!” Last time we saw them was the summer of 2000. They came up with excuse after excuse for why they couldn’t come out the last three years. Hello? Caramon had CANCER and they couldn’t come out. Well we couldn’t really travel for what SHOULD be obvious reasons. We were going to try to go this summer but Dh’s work made it impossible. We barely got out for the one thing we did do! Nice to know if it is important enough (erm cancer??) that they will travel though.

So now we are feeling really guilty. But you know what… I really just don’t want to go. Really don’t want to go now. I hate feeling like they are making me feel guilty. *SIGH* So much for my happiness this week. Ugh…

Please excuse me if I’m witchy all month long. I hate being forced into travel.