OMG… we just finished watching it. I’m in tears from laughing so hard. Too funny. What a hoot. Poor RM guy! HEHE They used lots of LDS people and people from Single’s Ward. It was fun to see so many LDS faces in the movie. And the humour was top notch. Well no where near as funny as Single’s Ward, but awesome all the same. It starts with this missionary who comes home… to no one. Apparently his friends and family thought he wasn’t due home for a month still! So then they wonder if he came home sick or unworthy. Poor guy. Not only that, he comes home and his family has moved and his girlfriend is engaged. But the letters hadn’t reached him yet! EEEK.

So he has a ring he can’t return, his car has been sold, his room has been taken over by a 200 pound Tongan exchange student, his mother is pregnant, and the list goes on and on. Watch the hijinks as this poor struggling RM has to start his life over. Lots of cracks on the LDS culture too.

If you are LDS or know a lot of LDS people… your sides will ache! 🙂

Oh yeah… Kudos on the soundtrack. Just like Singles Ward there are jazzed up Primary Songs. My favourite has to be the Elvis rendition of “Love at Home”. HEHEHE