I woke up at 6 AM. YUCK! That’s just wrong! But I did it. My friend didn’t show up till 6:30 though. Grrr… I could have taken a shower! Or slept for another half hour! *SIGH* Oh well. I was nice and awake by the time she showed up.

First… the walmart far away. Why? Because my friend hates the one by our house. I managed to get the TV I went there for. 20 inch flat screen (not flat TV) for 99 bucks. I think it is more than the kids need, but eh… the 13 inches are about that same rice normally so why not. I also got some presents for the boys but mostly small stuff. One thing I did get though was a very inexpensive CD discman for Caramon. Since he’s getting that CD and stuff… may as well. I also got a present for hubby. (Surround sound) It was like 50 bucks and probably really cheap but hey.. he mentioned wanting it and that’s not bad. And we currently have no surround sound soooo… He’ll be surprised at any rate.

So we spent way lots of money there. Yipes. What on earth??? EEEK But boys jammies and stuff is done too.

Then it was off to Microcenter. OMG. I should have stayed away. EEEK. But hubby told me to specifically go there. He told me to get my christmas present. And here it is. I’m using it right now. My very own laptop. I feel like a dork for buying it since I have a perfectly good desktop. I think he’s just tired of bringing his home. HEHE But they had a deal… 699 and you get a laptop, printer (great didn’t I just get one), a memory upgrade, and a wireless router. Cool. So of course standing in line for 45 minutes my pile of stuff kept growing. (Oh yeah… massive rebates to get those prices.) Let’s see.. then thre was the DVD burner for under 100 bucks. So of course that meant DVD +R’s. Oh yeah and a laptop case. Then there was the compact flash for DH’s gift. (Pocket PC) Then there was a 50 buck palm pilot… *SIGH* And then… yeah I’m sure you see the pattern! So.. lesson learned? Never go to Microcenter of Black Friday!

But? Say hi to the new Ozma machine!! Compaq Presario 2182 US laptop. 2.4ghz, 30 gig hard drive, 512 ram. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO. And with the wireless I can traipse all over the house! I’ve already tested it.. in my bedroom I get just as good connection as in my living room!

Then it was home to drop all our stuff off. My friend also got a computer. Suddenly we had over 2k worth of stuff in the car and we were like “EEEK, must deposit before going back out!” But we got stuck at my house looking at all my pretty geek stuff! ROFL

Then we left telling Sir Megabyte “OK, upgrade the ram on my computer, upgrade the DVD, upgrade the lan… just get to work!” Then it was off to the bank for my friend to deposit a check and then to the KB. Where I spent only about 35 bucks (because hello everywhere else??) and wrapped up my shopping pretty much. YAY! Mass quantities of cash spent I shouldn’t have. EEEK. Guilt… Guilt… Guilt!

Then we had lunch, picked up friend’s portraits, and came home to fill out mass quantities of rebate information. On the bright note rebate stuff is ready for mail! WOOHOO. And presents are all squirelled away. And yay… time to play on laptop! We tested out the battery and we tested out the DVD capabilities and I’ve already loaded PhotoShop, Office, my LJ update program, Palm stuff, and slimbrowser. Ooooh what else?

Hmm, can’t think of anything for now. I think I’m taking a drink break Need water.

But oooooh… pretty laptop. Lovely laptop… oooooh ahhhhh ohhhh ahhhh.

Watching The InLaws. Then going to bed. Going to mid-Ohio con tomorrow!