Ring Ring
Caller ID: CC AD BIZ
Oh goody… telemarketer and I’m on the do not call list. Signed up in like the spring. I get to BLAST someone.
Grrr… it is a recording and it is a survey. OK… CC AD Biz if I can find your phone number you will DIE from the phone calls I will make to you.

To top it off it was a bloody survey about gay marriage.

Look people… shut the freak up ok? I know what the bible says and I know what my church says. However the only argument against gay marriage is biblical. Well I’m with that. I personally do not agree with it. However I’m not going to hold it against anyone or try to squash their rights because they have the right to choose just like everyone else. So while I personally do not think it is right, I will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity that you deserve should you choose this lifestyle. And because the only argument is biblical the state does NOT have the right to deny marriage and marital rights. There is a separation of Church and state. And frankly, the gay couples in long term relationships I’ve known have been WONDERFUL examples of love and decency.

So leave me the heck alone. If you don’t like it… then fine. But leave me alone.