So Mid-Ohio Con was this weekend. Great guest list. It is a comic book convention so there were tons and tons of comic book people there. But from TV there was Andy Hallett (Lorne from Angel), Mark Lutz (the Groosalug from Angel), James Leary (Clem, the goofy eared kitten poker guy from Buffy), David Carradine (I’m not telling you that one, cause hello.. you SHOULD know that name), Dean Haglund (Langley from X-Files and The Lone Gunmen), Walter Koenig (Hello… do I have to tell you??? Checkov!!!!), June Lockhart (Hi, the ultimate mom), Yvonne Craig (Woohoo batgirl!), and Larry Thomas (No Soup for You!).. and some others.

Well… let’s see… first the quick stuff.

I saw June Lockhart first on autograph row. She is so gorgeous and looks almost exactly the same as on the old Lost in Space reruns. I loved her on that. I always wanted to be her daughter because she was just so cute. I dream of being a mom like her! I bought a picture of her for five bucks that had some Jupiter 2 earrings that she and her daughter designed. They are neat. She autographed her picture and then she let me get a picture with her. And she’s like “Oh you must be Irish, so am I.” She’s really really nice and approachable. I wish I could have talked to her longer but I didn’t want to hold up the people there. I’d have loved to sit and talk to her for a while!

So next I saw Batgirl… the hot one…. the superhero I think every girl wanted to be at one time. She had that awesome costume and that kicking bike! OMG I loved the batgirl bike. She and I talked for a few minutes about how cool the costume and the bike was and the differences between the recent movie with Batgirl and the old TV show. And how they really didn’t do Batgirl (and the actress who portrayed her) justice in the movie.

So I moved along… Let’s see… Checkov… totally cool. Totally was a dork and just asked for his signature. But I was just dying to ask him to say “Where can I find the nuclear vessels?” but didn’t want to be even more of a dork so I just walked away. I mentioned something about Carmon loving watching Star Trek when he was in the hospital… but left it at that. If I had stayed around any longer.. I’d have asked him to speak like Checkov or ask to see his black gloves from Babylon 5. Better to run and not get to chat him up…

Let’s see.. saw Lorne… he’s cool. Funny. He signed the front of my con program. Checkov signed on his own face. Next I saw Groo and Clem and they were both so sweet and nice and let me get pictures with them. And wow… talk about a solid line of cuties!!

Oh I totally forgot… I did see Langley. OMG let me tell you, you’d not recognize him. Well, I’ll post a picture. Soon. I realized later I was a dork and didn’t tell him I cried when Lone Gunmen got cancelled. That show rocked. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Figured he’d like to know it DID have a fan base since the ratings “were so low”.

OK… then I saw Larry, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but I was totally out of cash. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so I couldn’t even get him to sign my book. *SIGH* Speaking of which… note to self… I need to just break down and buy an autograph book or something. ROFL. Anyway, he was so nice… that has to be my all-time fave Seinfeld episode… the one we quote the most. Who can pass up saying “No soup for you!” But how cool is this? He had soup cans, and big soup labels, and even aprons with a picture of him dressed as The Soup Nazi. I was like “ARGH!!! Thatโ€™s too awesome and I have no more cash!!!” It was horrible. So I said hi and sulked off. Well I had cash, but it was like 3 bucks.

Around the corner I found Chris Golden, a writer of Buffy novels. He had the Buffy hardback I’ve seen and wanted. (Had moved it to my Christmas list actually.) Well I was like “OMG… THAT’s who you are!!” (I had seen him at a panel earlier and was like “Geeze… why can I not place him!!”) Well he was like “Do you have my book?” And I said “No.” And he said “Why not?” I said “Well I want it… just haven’t been able to get it. I think I’ll ask for it for Christmas from my husband.” he ended up GIVING me a signed copy. Shhh don’t tell. I tried to turn it down but he was like “No… you take it.” Think I wont’ read it though. Think I’ll save it and read it if we go to in-laws to terrorize them. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Daggum I’m evil. I must be part demon.

Oh and the two coolest comic book people I ran into… OK… This was just amazing… I found these people before ANYTHING else. Bam… half my spending money GONE. ROFL There are I Dream of Jeannie comics! ! ! I had no idea! Well they had two of the three people behind the comic there. I had a great Jeannie talk with them. I was like “This is so awesome!!” I ended up buying the two comic books they had, and they autographed them! And then I also got a large print of page 1 of one of the comics… autographed by all three of the people behind it… OMG… too cool. Way cool. Beyond cool. I am so loving Jeannie. That was so cool. I also bought one of their two Suicide Blonde comics. I didn’t have enough for the other one. It will hit the stores in a couple weeks. SOMEONE remind me to go get it!!

OK, the other coolest comic book person… a superman one! OK… I know… shut up about superman already but I can’t help it. Superman was my first love! Even before Spock!! OK??? So back off all ready! Well I couldn’t afford the big comic he had but there was one for a buck that had something about the life and death of Superman AND the mailing address? Clark Kent. Too funny. He autographed and drew the superman logo.

Some other random things I got? A fanzine for Ron from Harry Potter. That was cool. They said they were thinking about doing one for Hermoine and Snape! Cool. I’ll have to get it out and read it and post the web address to them.

Oh and then I got this one about a garden gnome. HAHAHA… A garden gnome. A pink flamingo. A wiener dog. Alone in the war against chipmunks. Too funny. I read it while waiting for a panel to start and was cracking up!!

My biggest expense was a gift for hubby. An anime series he liked but didn’t get to see all of. Gosh I hope he likes it!!

Oh my… this was way long. OK… you know what… I’m going to do this over the course of several days like I did for Marcon. ROFL…

Coming soon to a blog near you…
-Ozma sits in on a panel with the Buffyverse people
-Ozma goes to Karaoke with the con guests and patrons
-Ozma gets to know the Soup Nazi
-Much much more!