OMG I’m exhausted! I’ve been decluttering and cleaning and actually finally (only been two years) setting up some stuff. All this came from 1. Reading Jecka’s emails and 2. Needed to free up someplace for my Christmas Tree to go! Well it kind of propelled out! It moved to just rearranging my living room to be different. I’ve never had a room stay the same for 2 years before. It was definitely time for a change! 🙂 And I cleaned up the computer desks big time. I mean big time. I went and got stuff for Sir Megabyte’s desk to hopefully organize it more. He’s always got papers everywhere and jazz. Well we put this bubble jet printer where his papers usually went and so we had this stuff sitting on the floor and no clue what to do with it. See, with my laptop, we got a bubble jet free. So I called elfmyst and was like “Come help me!!” But I also wanted her help because she was a Tupperware consultant and she’s my visiting teacher so I thought she could dual some… help me with my pantry/food storage. Plus she just redid her house and it is AWESOME! (I’d have helped if she had waited for me! HEHE) So she was game.

OK… so over she comes and we plot storage and then went to Family Dollar and bought TONS of plastic stuff. Then home. Well we started in the basement. See, we got the kids a TV to watch movies on and play game cube on. We were going to buy a small one but it turned out that a flat screen (not panel.. just the screen) was on sale on black Friday for only 100 bucks in the 20 inch size… so we went a little bigger than we had planned. Well I needed to figure out where it was to go. Soooo… here is a before picture of my basement.

Well we took out everything but the futon. We just moved it to the other side of the basement. Then we swept everything. Following that we put in that corner where the black thing is… we put the coffee table thing kitty corner there. (BTW That was originally my idea of a piano bench turned into a coffee table. Now it is metamorphed into a TV Shelf.) Then on either side against the wall there are two wide blonde bookshelves. Then in the corner where the blue thing is (left of the futon) we put a darker wood bookshelf and its mate. Two more will make a nice library area! Then we moved the TV downstairs from the garage and put the box on the bench. The blonde bookshelves have the movies and my church books. On the other bookshelves we piled the books. But there are only two so I will have to go look for some more. *SIGH* Ok, I still have to organize all that stuff, but anyway.

The futon, is now facing all that. It looks neat.
Oh yeah, those two bookcases with books? We had to take books off them and move them out of another area of the basement and then put the books back on them.

Then upstairs we redid the desks with these cool drawer things for paper. And one of the little white bookcases that had videos on it? We put that by Sir M’s desk for all his books. Then while I was cleaning up kitchen, Elfmyst redid the living room. Kinda slanty but interesting.

I’ll try to get some pictures… 🙂 And edit them in. Or just post in a new entry. Who knows.

First I need to try to fix my email. I am having trouble getting Outlook to work right on my laptop. Go figure.

And maybe I’ll try to burn something on my DVD burner on my desktop while I try to snap pictures and stuff.

But I’m exhausted. We never did get to the kitchen… hehe or my craft/storage area of the basement (where we basically just chucked everything… so it looks like crap.)