Ok, they managed to fire half the TSS people when they merged. Now the’ve fired the other 48%. It’s down to Kevin and Sarah. They even fired the Mad Modder Yoshi. Grrr. In a way I’m hoping for something more like TSS Old School. When it was just Leo and Kate and everything else was special segments and not a daily thing. If they do something like that, I might be OK. But grrr. And apparently they killed Unscrewed totally, that’s gone. So what’s left of the old Tech TV? I mean at least when ZDTV became TechTV it kept good stuff and actually got better. They combine a gaming channel and a tech channel and now it is 98% gaming and about to be 99%. *SIGH*. We like the Tech, OK people? And this is coming from a gamer!!!! GRRR.

First it was Kate.
Then it was Leo.
Later it was Pat.
Now it’s Yoshi and Dan and… the list is too long. GRRRRRR.

I used to spend the better part of the day with the TV on Tech TV while I ran around the house doing my housework and stuff. Now i pretty much just record TSS and don’t pay attention to anything else. The gaming shows aren’t even that good half the time. It is so obvious that they want this to be gaming ONLY and that they want to appeal to the 12 year old boy target audience.

I’m not under contract like the TSS people. I can say the truth. G4 SUCKS. The two channels need to seperate again. Grrrr. Morons.

I can’t wait for TSS to come back and see what they did with it. At least it’s Kevin and Sarah. If I had to pick two, it would be them. But hello… look at their ages? Soooo targeting the younger crowd. What like people over the age of 24 aren’t interested?