I was playing Halo 2 today and I finally found where to locate my level at. I must have been missing it before. It’s obvious now that I noticed it!! So I noticed I was level 3. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was lame but apparently I’m doing OK! This morning I moved up to Level 4! Yay! I do think I’m getting better. I’m catching on to more of the multiplayer type games. Of course that is really a lot of finding a good spot to pick people off from… HEHE. But I managed to get a hold of a bomb in one of those games today and I kept it for something close to 20 seconds before being killed and losing it. Yay! I’ve defended flags and territory. One game I got Sniper medals. 🙂 I’m having a lot of fun. Gaming is always more fun with other people. I like the story lines behind these games on (mostly) one person… because that’s cool too… this is great.

So anyway, now I’m level 3! Yay!

I didn’t play Tetris at all today. But that’s OK. We dont’ have a lot of other online games but we do have a couple. Maybe I’ll get into those as the newness of Halo (and tetris since we just recently got that as well) wears off. 🙂 I do want to try out Battlefront soon since I’m sure my friends are gonna want it back.

Oh, tonight we all watched Shrek 2. It was AWESOME! Very Swan Lake-ish. And Far Far Away Idol? OMG we were in tears… too funny!

Oh and I knitted a bit today. My shawl I’m making (for me!) now has 100 stitches. I started with 3. I figure it’s maybe roughly halfway done. But my needles are getting full so I’m going to have to go soon, real soon, and get circular needles. Transfer it. Real soon. Speaking of knitted shawls, my Mum was making one for my grandma and she just finished it! She has to brush it out, tie in the ends, but the knitting is done. And OMG it is sooooo beautiful!!!

I’m going back to Joan now. It’s been a good, peaceful, day.