I’m running away from home and going to Galaxy Con for the day! Wish me well! I’m very excited to go!! The guests I mainly want to see are (character names) Chiana (Farscape), Jewel (Firefly), and Jenny Calendar (Buffy). I will of course be seeing the Groosalug (Angel) again. I saw him at Mid-Ohio Con last year.

There’s some other things of interest going on and I’m really excited. I just wish I wasn’t going alone. That’s OK, I’ll probably end up meeting people there to talk to and sit with. I generally do. The fen are generally nice sorts.

I’m not sure if I’ll be up to posting tonight when I get back. But I’m super excited about going!! I can’t wait! I figure it should take me an hour and a half roughly to get there. So I’m going to post this and leave. Of course I just lost my internet connection so this might be a backdated post later… HAHA

I’m already tired. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Blargh. I think I had under five hours of sleep. Oh well, that’s what Buffy Music is for in the car!! HAHA

Have a good Saturday everyone! And think of me!!