The con was great. Really, really tiny. But wonderful. You were really able to interact with the guest stars. That was my favourite thing. It’s what was advertised and you really got it. The con was really laid back and simple. There was a small room with some venders, there was a small room where you could get autographs and see the guests, there was a larger room where the chairs were and the guest would come in one an hour and answer questions from the crowd. That’s it. You can’t get more simple and it was really nice.

So I was able to really talk to the people there. I’m so glad. I enjoyed every minute of it. And I found out that there is Invisible man dvd’s! Only season 1 and they are region 2. What the freak? No plans of course to bring them here where oh, the fan base is! Good golly all mighty! *SIGH* /slap sci fi Know what I mean? I signed up to win those DVDs and a region free DVD player but I don’t think I won since I wasn’t notified as of yet. Oh well. Definately makes me think about purchasing one of those region free DVD players. Hey those aren’t the only DVDs I’d like. I’d also like My Hero. HEHE.

I signed up to do a few scenes for Dr What as a Cyberwoman but apparently I was the only sign up so they scrapped the shoot. Oh well. They did take my information and we’ll see if I get rung up in the spring when they really film this grade ZZZZ low budget flick that’s a rip off of Dr Who. It looks like a great script… HAHA Then again, how badly off of Dr Who can it be even with their low budget? Dr Who didn’t have a great budget, let’s face it!!

So at any rate, that was my con experience. I’m so glad I went!

Today was laid back. I was just darned worn out and so we hung out here. Everyone just about is at least sniffly. Blargh. Sir Megabyte and I got to fixing the router situation which has been plaguing us. We do think it was definately Mum and Dad’s router. Netgear — stay far far away. So I suppose Dad will go purchase a new router at some point, but ours is up and working for now. That took some configuring as we had to do several things and find MAC addresses for some of the computers and etc. But we got it working. My parents took the boys to lunch and to see a train show while we did this.

Tonight I watched Category 6. I love a good disaster flick. I can’t believe they are making us wait until Wed to see the end though! GAAAAH!

Well I suppose it’s time to go play some Halo or Tetris.. ROFL