Not too much going on today other than the usual Monday stuff. Groceries, straitening up, etc etc. My mum and I did go into a store looking for some chair covers that she wants to get for my grandfather, though I’m not sure why. The store didn’t have them so scratch that.

The boys had scouts tonight. Oh my goodness this is a super loud troop. It was a pack meeting and these kids were constantly screaming. I ended up with a headache after about 15 minutes. Ugh. But the boys have fun so I suppose that all normalcy should not matter, eh? This weekend we are going to a hockey game down in Richmond so that should be fun. I don’t know anything about this team but apparently it’s minor league? I didn’t even know they existed so investigating will be cool. Of course the fact that I think I’ve been to Richmond maybe twice? Once that I can remember when I went looking for point shoes… once for my friend’s graduation… but I can’t think of any other times. I always drove north, not south! HAHA But with the majors in strike-dom… guess that’s out anyway.

Tonight my FIL brought up an idea fo rme to tinker with so what have I been doing ever since? Playing of course! Like anyone needed to ask! Hah! I have amused myself creating a little something to show him over the holiday and we’ll see what he thinks. Now it is mostly still in the very rough draft building with sawdust and bent nails littering throughout it. Hopefully I can polish it up a tad before heading up there and show him something that looks OK. Of course the true polish will come once everything fully goes together. I’m just putting together a one page protoype sort of thing. But the playing has had me in my text editor and my Adobe… gosh have I mentioned today how much fun Adobe Photoshop is? No? Well it’s loads and loads of fun! There!

All right, I’m gonna read a little bit since I ended up with no time to read today. Must… stop… playing… on…. computer….