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Do I want to live in a world where we do not boldly go where no man has gone before? I don’t think so. That’s this world and it’s lame as crap. That’s why Star Trek is so awesome. It’s our future, if we get off our sorry duffs and get out there.

Yet this fall TV will be like real life. Is this Reality TV gone too far? There will be no 5 year mission. There will be no seeking new life and new civilizations. And there will be no boldly going where no man has gone before.

There will no new Star Trek coming this fall. No Enterprise. No Federation. No captain to follow, no Vulcan logic to drive us mad. Just a chorus of Klingons this May shouting “Today IS a good day to die!”

UPN’s latest move, to cancel Star Trek, follows a death move to Friday night worse than any Borg attack. Moving it Friday, the so called “Date Night”, where it runs up against critically acclaimed Joan of Arcadia and of course Sci-FI’s SciFriday. Anyone with common sense knows you do NOT pit two sci fi shows against one another. It was fairly obvious at that point UPN was ordering a coffin to launch into space for a burial.

Regardless that this season has by far been the best, and that it has generally taken several seasons for Star Trek shows to hit their stride, UPN has boldly gone where no Network has gone before. Cancelled their big show with absolutely nothing to take its place.

A network is hard pressed to steal FOX’s not-so-coveted title of Moronic Network, yet UPN has done so today. Will Fox try to capture this flag once more? Is there anything they could do to be worse than UPN this week? Hard to say.

The Sci-Fi genre has taken a major blow this day. A major blow. Meanwhile, I believe it is time to start wearing black. And send scads of hate mail to UPN. Anyone think if we send cheese for the Captain’s dog it would do any good?