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UPN may have forsaken its cash cow in the most moronic move ever by any broadcast channel… but the fans will not let Star Trek die. Thank goodness for Gene Roddenberry and others who carry this dream on! UPN, you may now go away and die. While the fans may not have the money you have, they can at least do SOMETHING! We don’t need you except for mocking purposes!

That aside, I have been downloading Hidden Frontier episodes and decided to go ahead and watch one. OK, it’s not beyond awesome. It’s done by fans and you can tell. The budget is just not there when you are small-time. Such a shame! They still hold their own!! The story seems interesting, the make up and costuming is decent, and the acting isn’t anything too bad either! Excellent! The effects… this is where you REALLY start to see it. When it is the space shots I rate the effects as being pretty dang good. No it’s not Star Wars or anything, but it is pretty wicked. There does not appear to be any set, it appears to pretty much be a green screen and the backgrounds are put in after through computer animations. It’s livable, but definately a low budget feel to it. But just toss that to the wayside and enjoy yourself with some new Trek. 🙂 Hey, at least the camera man knows how to keep the camera steady which is more than we can say about other shows being put out there now!!

I will look forward to seeing more. I’ll dole them out one here and one there as I find time. Not race right through it.

I am also going to check out the other Star Trek series, New Voyages. If it is done anything like Hidden Frontier it should definately be an interesting view!

–Lady O