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Brow furrowed, hair plastered to her head, she sits straight up in bed gasping for breath. She finds herself clutching the covers. Looking around, she slowly calms her breathing down and gains a handle on where she is. A hand wipes absentmindedly at the hair on her forehead while looking over to make sure she did not wake up her husband. It has happened. Again.

The nightmares are nothing knew for Allison Dubois, Arizona homemaker and mother of 3 girls. Neither is the knowledge that Allison just seems to know things for no explainable reason. It is her gift, or perhaps her curse.

Sometimes she knows things she should not know, other times she sees and speaks with the dead. And, at night, she dreams of grisly murders and other crimes. For a long time she tried to deny the power she wielded, numbing it with alcohol. However, she no longer can do that, and has found a way to use this power.

Now she works with the D.A. Allison uses her unusual gift to help find the bad guys of the world, and sometimes even save the lives of those she sees in her dreams and visions. She found a way to live with her gift as a Medium.

Things are not easy, though. Her husband has only an uneasy acceptance of Allison’s powers. The children are dealing with their own issues and unsure how to feel about these ‘gifts.’ The D.A. gave in and realized that Allison did have uncanny knowledge, however he must watch to ensure that what they find and use will not work against the office in court.

Most of all, Allison must not only stop denying she wields great power, but she must now actively use that power. She must now try to pick out the details from frightening scenes and ponder on hidden imagery the visions will give her.

The load is not an easy one to bear. The demands have grown. With her acceptance of her gift, she has a more difficult time ignoring aspects of it. From helping the dead to cross over, aiding others with the gift to accept themselves, and even helping her husband’s coworker, Allison finds herself busy each day.

Allison’s gift is truly a part of who she is as a person. It affects even the smallest detail of her life. She appears to have a strong, multifaceted gift. From reading minds, to precognition, to seeing things happening elsewhere, to her eerie knowledge about people and places; the story of Allison Dubois and her Arizona family quickly captured the interest of many viewers nationwide.

It does not take a psychic to know this show can go places. Tune in to Medium, and see for yourself.