The kids had VBS and while they were there I went to the grocery store and got my oil changed. I have to go to a conferance (and not sure if there will be net access where I’m going aughhh) this weekend. Then it was time to pick the boys up and I had to feed them lunch then take mum to the doctor followed by the pharmacy.

On the bright note? Mum had a migraine for forever! AND SHE DID NOT GET THE SHOT! There’s a new wonder drug! Some pill! She said it worked in almost half the time and had NO SIDE EFFECTS! WOOOOT!

Well my car was acting funny which did not make me happy. Seemed to almost drag? Not want to change gears right? It was weird. So I went to the auto store but they were clueless, but by the time I got back to where I had gotten the oil change it was acting right again. So I then decided to not go in there and go try to drive it out where I could attempt to “play” with the car a bit and see how it handled. Unfortunatley it was apparently COP DAY where i was driving. But it seemd fine and dandy. *GRUMBLES* Sir Megabyte looked at it when he got home. The tranny fluid seemed REAL high. Which shouldn’t be since I sure don’t screw around with that stuff and just take my car in every three months for the oil change and they “check” it but have never told me anything was wrong with it. Except once when they said it looked dirty and I should flush it. That was last spring. So I did that, but it’s the only time. This time it says “checked” on the sheet but it didn’t say high or low or filled or anything???

So then it was evening stuff and I wanted to take care of my roots but just couldn’t get my stuff together. Too much stuff going on. I really want to do it before going away for the weekend.

Sir Megabyte gushed over and over about World of Warcraft and made me make a character and kind of walked me through it for a little bit. It’s OK but I”m not sold on it. Just makes me want to fire up City of Heroes. But I”m in “MOVE” mode so don’t want to get back into it till after we move when HOPEFULLY I can enjoy myself a LOT.