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I put together my packing list. I have to go to a PTA conferance this weekend. I leave tomorrow for the depths of podunk VA. I guess it is centrally located? I’m going to a town called Farmville. Yeah, does not sound promising! I’ve been there once for a funeral. My great grandmother had a brother there. It was forever ago. All I remember is a lot of farms. Should be interesting! Hey, I’ll have the camera so maybe I can take photographs. 🙂 Speaking of which… need to 1. Get picks from Mississippi and 4th off my camera 2. Charge battery.

Sir Megabyte was tired so took a random personal day. Woot! It was kind of nice. We took the boys to see Fantastic 4. OMG Awesome movie. I will work on a review. But I have to tell you, I’d have loved this movie for three reasons no matter what. Here they are, in this order. 1. Jessica Alba 2. Julian McYum (his new official name) 3. Comics rule!

Oh and in other interesting news, I upgraded my hard drive last night with a little help from Sir Megabyte and I’m done loading programs now. I think. IF you have recommendations, let me know!

Oh and I played a little City of Heroes, but the computer still isn’t acting quite right. Which is why I don’t play it a lot. *shrug* Well that and because it’s on Sir Megabyte’s computer. 🙂 We were having connection problems with mine. I may try again though… I need gaming.