I found out tonight that my distant “locals” got dropped. I’m so mad! Some freak judge who deserves public flogging said that even though some of us have permission from our so-called “locals” to have distant ones as well… we don’t get them. I live 55 miles from the nearest “local” which means without the aid of satellite or cable, I cannot get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, or The CW.

What is most unfair is that my cable neighbours are legally allowed TWO sets of channels. Both are 55 miles away, neither pander to our “area” unless it’s something major. If I want truly local news, I’m stuck with the radio or the town newspaper. If cable can supply two, why can’t satellite providers?

When you are this far away, you can apply for a waiver allowing you to subscribe to a “distant local” as well as your supposedly “local”. CBS and FOX both gave me waivers because they realized that I obviously cannot pick them up. ABC and NBC did not. But now, my waiver is moot.

It is obviously a racket that the cable company is neck deep in and it is unfair. But cable does not realize that they are so craptacular that I do not care how they try to destroy my dish, I will stay with my satellite. Satellite is far superior with less outages, all digital quality, and helpful customer and tech services and for a cheaper price. I’ve had my dish since the spring of 1997 and I’ll never go back!! I love my satellite and I tell everyone I know to get one! It’s simply the best for television entertainment!

Fight the injustice. It is not fair that cable companies can get away with things that satellite companies are not allowed by law to do. It is not fair that I am losing channels that I applied and pay to subscribe to.

Advertising dollars is a joke as it does not matter. I can attest to you i have tried this out and the exact same commercials are shown on both channels. You cannot tell me that it matters if I watch a McDonald’s commercial from NYC, Atlanta, DC, or LA. It’s the same McDonald’s and if I’m going to purchase a big mac because of it, I’m purchasing it from my local franchise which didn’t shell out a dime for that commercial.

And I do live close enough, I’d like to march on Washington. Perhaps Fox or CBS will send a news truck out and I can thank them for being understanding and give me a waiver. i sometimes watch their east coast feed and sometimes I watch their west coast counterpart. Either way I do not watch the commercials any more thanks to DVR goodness and Internet viewing! *GRINS*

No wonder so many people illegally download television programs. You want this to stop? Stop hindering people like me who are trying to lawfully watch television programs you put on. I am not encouraging anyone to illegally download television programs. I would like to recommend people check the nets for legal Internet viewing if you find yourself in the same situation as me. Do not illegally download if there’s a way to get it properly. Thankfully, you know what? A LOT of my shows are available for free from the main nets. With limited commercial interruption. Did I mention for FREE? Thank you guys for doing this. I will be using you more in the future since I just lost some of my television channels.

Might I recommend the free ability to watch these great shows: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Jericho, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, The Class, NCIS, The Unit, and many others. Many more are available on iTunes for a great price of only 1.99 an episode. Hopefully whatever I can’t watch on tv or the Internet sites I can download from iTunes.